Reducing Waste

Businesses like ours can often entail a lot of paperwork! At Independent Bank we have worked hard to minimize the amount of resources we use. One initiative that has been in place for several years is document imaging, eliminating our paper files. Another project entailed utilizing a software program (Papercut) that makes employees aware of their paper usage and its negative impact on the environment.

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Recycling 100% of Trash

All discarded confidential information (paper) is shredded securely and recycled. All other trash (plastic, tissue, etc.) is bagged, picked up and recycled.

Effectively Managing Facilities

Bank premises have LED lighting upgrades / activated light dimmers

A major portion of the Bank-owned facilities were converted to LED in 2019, with the remaining locations converted in 2020. Additionally the LED upgrade includes motion activation and dimmers.

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Donations & Volunteers


in donations


employee volunteers

At Independent Bank we support our communities with donations and volunteers. Regarding those that support our environment in 2020 we make $41,500 in donations and 421 employees volunteered to improve the environment through cleaning parks, updating park benches, weeding, repairing public steps and cleaning-up public trails.